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And, not a few minutes later, we found this article from Good Housekeeping.  Apparantly having looked over the same crop of tools we did, their only complaints were that the 7 oz. hammers included in most kits were too light and that they liked the Black & Decker Smartdriver better than the included drivers.

They loved the Barbara K! Power-Lite Cordless Drill we covered earlier, saying it was:

…the best of breed. It has a removable battery that clips onto your belt, making it nearly two pounds lighter than the other brands tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, so testers had no trouble reaching high places.

There you go.  I guess Barbara and Good Housekeeping agree on the “wear the battery” drill, but not on the hammers.

“GH Institute Product Tests: Best Tools for Women” [Good Housekeeping]


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