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After a little looking, we came across this article ConsumerReports.org published last summer reviewing the Barbara K! and Tomboy tools. 

In short:

The women’s tools nailed it. Overall they performed as well as or better than the tools from Sears. Our testers–women and men–could exert much more twisting force with the Barbara K! and Tomboy tools because they have fat, padded grips. A quibble: Panelists said the ribbed padding on the Barbara K! pliers dug into their hands. Still, our engineers give the nod to the Barbara K! kit, sold online and at stores including Bed Bath & Beyond. Its 30 tools can perform a variety of tasks. The Tomboy kit, sold online and the way Tupperware is sold, has fewer tools; some, such as the hacksaw and long-nose pliers, may not get much use.

“Tools for handy women (and men)” [ConsumerReports.org]


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