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post-aircooled.jpgThis year Metabo’s been on the move, slowly adding Li-Ion batteries to their cordless tools to improve usability.  Dubbed “Li-Power” by Metabo, their batteries offer a number of interesting features including:

  • a multi-function display, showing capacity level as well as temperature and overload warnings
  • a terminal neck designed to interface with the air-cooling apparatus in their tools and chargers
  • built-in electronics to protect against overcharge, deep discharge, overload, and overheating

Overall, this seems like a really well-thought-out system, as opposed to just swapping in the Li-Ion cells and chargers that have been around for some time.

Metabo continues to add tools to its Li-Power line, and expects to have a full range of cordless tools (including drills, saws, and drivers) featuring Li-Power on the market this year.

Look for more coverage of Li-Power in a cordless drill/driver comparison feature article coming later this week.

Li-Power Announcement [Metabo]
Li-Power Line Teaser Brochure [PDF – Metabo]


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