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Think of the LockJaw pliers as Vise-Grips without the knob.  Rather than you cranking them in, the ratcheting mechanism in the handle lets them automatically adjust to the size of the object in its teeth.  

They also feature:

  • Chrome-molybdenum steel construction
  • a no-slip textured grip
  • and an “easy-squeeze” comfort release lever

Besides the standard curved-jaw set, they also offer a needle-nose set as well as standard c-clamp and c-clamp swivel tip types.  The clamps are really handy for welding, and we’d guess that not having to adjust them would make them even handier.

With locking pliers, quality is always a concern, so we’d have to reserve final judgement on these until we can hold a set in our hands, but they look pretty slick. 

LockJaw says their pliers are available via brick-and-mortar at Ace Hardware and Home Depot as well as “many local hardware stores and welding supply stores.”  Pricing online starts around $26.

Thanks again to Kevin Kelly for calling these pliers to our attention!

LockJaw Self Adjusting Pliers [via KK’s Cool Tools]


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