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If you’ve already got a full set of Craftsman hand tools, AND you have a full set of the fully-polished tools they released a couple of years ago, you probably thought you’d run out of Craftsman tools to buy.  Wrong!  Craftsman now offers their fully-polished line in three distinct colors: gold, blue titanium, and graphite titanium. 

Other than their color tint, they’re the same tools you’ve come to know and love.  Some of them come in cherry wood cases. 

Gold Finish [Sears]
Blue Titanium [Sears]
Graphite Titanium [Sears]


One Response to Craftsman’s “Precious Metals” Collection

  1. Old Donn says:

    Tools are going to take a certain amount of abuse, whether on the job or DIY in the garage. My full polish ratchets show the scars of combat and get more all the time. Expense aside, these things are too pretty to use and I can’t afford “look, but don’t touch” anything.

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