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Dual DrillThe Dual-Drill is literally two drills in one! disturbing. 

It has all those features you’d find in other drill/drivers , plus the (freaky)

“…revolutionary precision engineered dual chuck heads and patented flip-action motion.  Do twice the work in half the time with this one patented cordless twin drill and drive system.  Simply load one chuck with your drill bit and the other with a screw bit.  Switch back and forth with the touch of a button.”

There’s a list of features a mile long that describe the features of pretty much every drill available — except for that revolutionary scary patented flip-action motion.  This sure sounds to us like a solution looking for a problem.  Of course, if you disagree, feel free to comment below (or drop us a line).

Dual-Drill [Asseenontvnetwork.com]


2 Responses to The Dual Drill is…

  1. Myself says:

    Browsing the archives here, but I really like this idea. If you destroy one chuck, the drill’s still useful. If you replace one with a quick-connect chuck, you can still use large drillbits without that awkward chain-of-chucks problem.

    It’s a shame they don’t have individual torque clutches!

  2. Squidwelder says:

    But how is that scary?

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