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TP ToolsIt seems like half the battle in any new project is knowing where to find the tools and supplies you’ll need to get the job done.  We ran across TP Tools & Equipment this week when we were looking for abrasive blasting products and thought we’d share.

TP Tools specializes in automotive shop tools, including:

  • Abrasive blasting cabinets, hardware, tools, and supplies
  • Air compressors and air line hookup hardware
  • Hand-held air tools
  • Buffing equipment
  • Sheet metal brakers
  • HVLP paint spray equipment
  • Welders and plasma cutters

We were looking for a larger bead blast cabinet and were pleased to discover that they not only offer a variety of cabinets but also sell “cabinet kits” which provide the difficult-to-find hardware such as the gun, pick-up tube, window, gloves, glove mounts, etc. while leaving you to build your own inexpensive cabinet. 

Online Catalog [TP Tools & Equipment]
Abrasive Blasting Parts & Kits [TP Tools & Equipment]


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