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If the standard MAC Tools toolboxes aren’t enough for you and you just can’t visualize that custom toolbox you’ve always wanted, MAC Tools has the answer for you — their Toolbox Configurator.

According to MAC Tools: 

Using the Made to Order program, a technician can start with any tool box from the Macsimizer Series and modify it by choosing from eight colors, a variety of drawer configurations, and accessories from the Mac Tools Tool Box Accessories line which include nine handles, five corner and key guards, five casters, for drawer pulls, and ten decal graphic packages.  The customized mox will be produced and ready to ship in 48 hours.

All in all, MAC Tools says this adds up to 500,000 ways to configure your box. 

Apparently the configurator isn’t online, though.  To get it you need to call MAC Tools at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS or talk to your distributor.

MAC Tools Toolbox Configurator [MAC Tools]


11 Responses to MAC Tools Toolbox Configurator

  1. Jeff Quantum says:

    I got my new custom Maxsimizer in 5 days and it’s awesome!

  2. Jerry F says:

    Lucky you…I ordered mine three weeks ago, arrived this past week but not even close to what I ordered. Some of the drawers are not fully spot welded together. Very poor workmanship, not what I would expect from Mac Tools.

    To make it worse, my Mac Man went out of business without any notice and there’s no way I can get this resolved. What’s with it with mac tool trucks, they never seem to stay in business for more than a year?!?! In the 15 years I’ve been in business, I’ve had 6 different mac men, and long gaps of no one inbetween.

  3. B2Me says:

    The tech three bays down from me ordered a custom box last month. He’s still waiting…guess they had to send out to China for parts…

  4. Ian says:

    Check out the new Matco tools Toolbox configurator…this blows the mactools configurator out of the water!


  5. B2Me says:

    The tech 3 bays down still waiting…and guess what! Our mac guy went out of business and mac has no record of his order even though they took a hefty down payment! Its so unfair, he’s a new guy, does good work and they rolled him for his money

    Mac is a rip off – as they always said…Mac = here today, gone tomorrow.

  6. B2Me says:

    Matco? Had one of them once, always drove around in a half empty truck…rolling catalog sales for Craftsman/Danaher. Didn’t think they actually made anything, just branded other peoples tools with their name and jacked up the price. He finally went out of business, haven’t seen one since. All we see is Snap-On and Cornwell pretty consistant and been around for many many years.

  7. jammer says:

    I’m in Nebraska and we’ve had a MAC dealer for years with great service, I once asked why they seem to not last very long in other areas I was told because ther customers don’t paid there bills……….

  8. mark henderson says:

    i seen your toolbox full with tools on the show Gears with stacy david

  9. E.T. Privott says:

    just recived a MAC tool box w/no info and am trying to find out about them. chest box 7-24″,7-12″ and 1-38″ top draw, top box is 5-24″ and 5-12″ plus the lid. front lower ‘R’ draw has ‘mac tools raceing’. 18″ deep and about 41″ wide, draws are ball bearings. under the top box lid has a large ‘mac tools’ in white letters. i was told by the co. they were from ’94 yr.’, the next talk was told from ‘2000-04 yr.’ i’m referbing them and trying to get all info i can. any and all help or info is needed and would be greatly appreciated

  10. M.D.W says:

    Im in the process of ordering a custom built tech box and what a gong show dealer sent personal info along with my account info accross the country to the wrong head office and know i have to fill out the paper work all over again makes me wonder if they have half a clue and after reading some of these reviews i dont know if i want to go throu with it any more

  11. daniel says:

    You just lost 5-6 potential dox sells in the shop i work in because you “configurator” dose not have “public access” Matco and Snapon have public ones and I’m not standing on a Mac truck building a box should I change my mind over and over and over on how i want my box…

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