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Latch ToolHow about a set of hand-held locking pliers with 1 ton of force?  That’s the kind of application LatchTool sees for its PowerCylinder(tm), which they describe as

…a closed, multi-circuit hydraulic system that dynamically responds to loads.  The PowerCylinder(tm) requires no external reservoir, accumulator, hydraulic pump, manifold, or fluid lines.  A unit that rapidly extends the ram to the work and them progressively amplifies the hydraulic advantage.  A 50 pound pull on the trigger of a 12 ounce 7/8″ diameter x 5″ cylinder, for example, quickly delivers a ton and a half of force to the ram.

Latch ToolLatchTool says the secret to the PowerCylinder lies in their proprietary FastFlow Valves(tm), “small inexpensive digital valves capable of large unrestricted volumetric flows.” 

Though there’s been quite a bit of press lately about their PowerPliers product, we can’t find it for sale anywhere online, and the image on the products page of the website is clearly a CAD rendering.  Hopefully this will be something we can buy soon.

Anyway, according to LatchTool this could be a breakthrough in a number of industries, so we thought you might like to check it out. 

LatchTool PowerCylinder [LatchTool via ScienceBlog]


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