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Win Norms Shop!Woodworkers’ Journal, Delta, and Porter Cable have come together to offer a chance to win Norm’s (of New Yankee Workshop fame) shop.  Well, sort of.  In their words:

Okay, not Norm’s actual shop; he’s kind of fond of it. But we are providing an opportunity to win just about all the goodies he has in the New Yankee Workshop. Click here for a complete list of prizes (tools) and you’ll agree — we’re not kidding around.

And you won’t just win the tools. We’ll be flying you to Boston (airfare for two is on us, so bring your spouse or shop buddy), putting you up in a nice hotel, and keeping you well fed! Then, we’ll take you out to the New Yankee Workshop … (You have to promise not to tell anyone exactly where it is) … where you’ll watch the filming of a New Yankee Workshop episode. Lunch with Norm and the crew will also be our treat! 

They’re not kidding.  Click on that link above and start figuring out where the tools’ll fit in your shop.  And don’t forget to enter the contest.

Sweepstakes Information [Woodworkers’ Journal]
Sweepstakes Entry [Woodworkers’ Journal]


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