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In Kevin Kelly’s personal blog (where he sometimes blogs about “cool tools” which he comes across), he says:

I’m remodeling my house. I got a low bid from a drywall guy — only catch was I had to buy and haul all the drywall, which turned out to include 4’x12′ sheets for the ceiling — 7 of them…

…A dude at the store recommended the Stanley Panel Carry — about 8 bucks there, but 6 on Amazon. Anyway, this seemingly simple and obvious tool made luggin’ all that drywall a manageable process…

This easily falls into the category of “things you probably don’t think about until you have to do the job.”  Having the correct tools is half the battle.

Kevin Kelly’s “Cool Tools” [kk.com]
Stanley Panel Carry [Ace Hardware Outlet]
Stanley Panel Carry [What’s This?] [Amazon.com]



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