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Stanley Stud FinderThis weekend we found ourselves hanging some pictures and such, including a pretty-darn-heavy piece of Egyptian brass art.  As most of you know, the days of knocking on the wall to find a stud are (thankfully) over, and electronic “stud finders” are now available.

What you may not know is that some of them are also incredibly cheap.  We found this one for $8.99 in our local Lowes, but there are a number of sources for them online as well.  And if you’re into Craftsman tools, Sears offers this one for $14.99. Sure, you can spend $40 for one, but if you don’t have that to spend, at least you’re not back to knocking.

Stud Finders [Lowes]
Stud Finders [Harbor Freight]
Stud Finders [Sears]


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  1. Stanley Intellitools Intellisensor Stud and Joist Locator Finder 77-100 i bought it use with out the manual how di get the manual where

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