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Home Depot Gift CardFor about a month now Home Depot has been offering commercial customers gift card incentives for larger power tool purchase.  Ranging from $35 for a $199 to $399 purchase to $500 for a $2000+ purchase, this can really make a dent in the purchase of a large tool or a combination of lesser tools.  Though anyone could purchase from Home Depot’s commercial side, they’re now advertising the “sale” to the general public during its last weekend.

So, if you’ve been considering a large power tool purchase from Home Depot, today or tomorrow is probably the time.

Sale Details Page [Home Depot]


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  1. You can also buy Home Depot cards on eBay for less than their face value, which is a great way to save on tools and whatnot. It’s kind of like buying money at a discount if you really need to buy something at HD.

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