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Engine ChainYou have your lift.  You have your engine stand.  Now you’re ready to marry the two together in eternal bliss by actually pulling the engine and mounting it on the stand, thus moving your “project car” one step closer to completion.  But wait!  You need a chain!  Should you really pay $45 for the AutoZone special?

If you stop by the neighborhood AutoZone, like we did, you’ll be startled to discover that this small piece of automotive technology (read: a chain with a small metal plate on the end) is priced at $45.  They actually encourage you to rent it!

Sure, the $45 rental will work.  But there are other options.  You can obtain the chain and all the fittings at your local Lowes or Home Depot.  Our Lowes even helpfully included the breaking strength of the chain and each fitting to make selection simple.

Your best option however, is a “load leveler” which is available from a variety of online sources as well as (sometimes) from Harbor Freight.  With a load leveler you can rebalance the engine/transmission you’re pulling on the fly with just a few cranks.  This makes tilting the whole assembly up or down to clear the various engine bay obstacles a lot simpler.

Load Leveler [CVS Supply]


One Response to Pulling an Engine? $30 Load Leveler $10 Chain or $45 AutoZone “Engine Lift Chain?”

  1. Tracy Allen says:

    The OTC4305 sold at http://www.denlorstools.com/ is a high quality load leveler, not sure I want to trust my engine hanging precariously over the fender on it’s way to the cradle suspended by a Harbor Freight’s pos.

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