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BoschToday Bosch announced the launch of the PS20 LITHEON 10.8-volt Pocket Driver, which it claims is the “World’s Smallest, Most Powerful Ultra-Compact Drill/Driver.”  Measuring 6″x6.5″, the Pocket Driver is said to fit into a tool belt pouch or back pocket while its Lithium Ion battery system enables it to drive 100 3″ screws on a single charge.  Bosch says its trigger-controlled 0-400 RPM variable speed motor is torquey enough (at over 80 in./lbs.) to drill holes up to 1/2″ in diameter. 

Other features include a “10+1” clutch system similar to Bosch’s standard drills (with the “+1” consisting of a “max” setting for drilling) and a built-in LED light.

Bosch further claims that the Pocket Driver is targeted at “carpenters, remodelers, electricians, woodworkers, and more” and is “40% lighter and 33% more productive than other ultra-compact drill/drivers.”  We suspect the “40% lighter” claim comes from the battery alone as Makita and others are advertising their Li-Ion batteries as 40% lighter than equivalent metal hydride batteries, but we have no idea where the 33% productivity comes into play.

By “competitors,” we’d guess Bosch means the Makita BDF450SFE 18v Ultra Compact Drill Driver, which was also released recently and boasts similar specs.

The PS20 along with the PS10 (announced earlier this year, boasting the same LITHEON 10.8v battery system and a 90-degree articulating head) will fill out the other end of the spectrum from the LITHEON system’s 36v line.

The Pocket Driver comes with two batteries, a 30-minute charger, a soft carrying case, and two bits and is covered under Bosch’s power tool protection plan which includes one year tool replacement, two year battery replacements, and three years of free tool repairs.

Press Release [Bosch]


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  1. Oleg says:

    Other features include a “10+1″ clutch system similar to Bosch’s standard drills (with the “+1″ consisting of a “max” setting for drilling) and a built-in LED light.

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