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Monster Garage DragsterMonster Garage is very much a hit-or-miss show in our opinion, with hits like the Flying Car and misses like the Crop Circler.  Regardless of the quality of the project, there’s no mistaking the quality of the tools in the well-equipped shop.  This time, though, the tools aren’t just used on the car — they’re used in the car.  In Episode 77: Battery Powered Dragster, they use 384 Milwaukee V28 Li-Ion tool batteries to power their 14.5 sec/95 mph 1962 Chevy Bel Air dragster.

Builders included Milwaukee’s resident battery expert Jon Zick, along with Shawn Lawless (a parade float maker), Rich Rudman (owner of a battery/car charger company), and two fabricators/rod builders, Ron Jenkins and Danny Delamater.

In short: it didn’t get blown up or shot to pieces by Jesse.  For more information check out Milwaukee’s press release (below) or just catch the re-runs.

Press Release  [Milwaukee]


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