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Most people just hand-tighten their coax cables, let alone actually use a torque wrench to get the perfect torque. If you want to “do it right,” Jonard makes a series of torque wrenches designed specifically to prevent over-tightening 7/16-inch “F” connectors on Coax Cable.

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When you’ve reached the specified torque with this 6-1/2″ wrench, you’ll hear an audible click. Jonard mentions that these wrenches only work in tightening mode, which isn’t that uncommon — do you use your torque wrench to loosen your lug nuts?

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Jonard sells four models: a full head and a speed head in 20 inch-pound and 30 inch-pound versions.  Any of ’em will run you $27 before shipping.

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Torque Wrench [Jonard]
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A basin wrench will help you get at hard-to-reach nuts, especially up behind sink basins, but not everyone has the room for an extra wrench in the toolbox.  Superior Tools makes this 3/8″ drive attachment that turns your ratchet into a basin wrench — and you can make it any length you need by changing extensions.

The spring-loaded jaws fit 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ hex and square nuts and anything in between.  You can find this basin wrench attachment for about $12 at Sears.

Basin Wrench Attachment [Superior Tool]
Basin Wrench Attachment [Sears]

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