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It cuts and scrapes; it peels and notches. It slits and marks; it’s a floor wax and a whipped topping… oops, wrong product. It’s Two Cherries’ new 2Cut. It may look like a chisel, but they claim it’s a universal tool for the craftsman as well a the do-it-yourselfer.

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Like its name implies, the 2Cut has two different cutting edges: the 26 mm front edge like a regular chisel and the 90 mm long side edge for cutting use. The remaining side edge can be hit with a mallet. Two Cherries hardens the entire blade in a salt bath to achieve 60±1 RHC and polishes both cutting edges until they’re mirror bright.

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You know you woodcarving is in your blood when you carry a miniature gouge on your key chain. This isn’t a toy — Two Cherries manufactures this carving gouge in Germany with the same process they use for their full-size tools, only they mount it on a key chain and don’t sharpen it so you won’t turn your pockets into Swiss cheese.

If you really wanted to you could sharpen the gouge and use it as a woodcarving tool; just don’t put it in your pocket after that. You can pick up this miniature gouge for around $25.

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Wood ain’t cheap, especially the exotic varieties, so if you know how to work with veneers, you can make your woodworking budget go much further.   You’ll need a good veneer saw like this one from Two Cherries.

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