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Modern automotive ignition systems use coil packs for every cylinder, shortening wire runs, increasing spark energy, and improving timing. However, coil-on-plug ignition systems, with their short or non-existent wires, have rendered some proven spark plug tests obsolete. It’s easy to test for spark, but Thexton’s 458 plug tester can also tell you how strong a spark you’re getting.

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Fixing computers can be a puzzling business, especially when faced with odd startup behavior and intermittent power issues. One of the most common causes of computer hardware problems is failure of the power supply, yet many technicians and do-it-yourselfers aren’t aware of the possibility, pointing instead to a dying motherboard or faulty RAM as the cause.

Manhattan manufactures a slick little tester which can take some guesswork out of computer diagnosis. It’s designed for testing every type of connector you’ll find on a modern power supply, from the 24-pin Molex motherboard connection to three-pin fan leads. Both types of graphics card power connections (6-pin and 8-pin Molex) are covered, plus motherboard auxiliary power connections, and finally SATA power connectors and normal 4-pin bodies. Not bad for $28 from Frozen CPU.

ATX 2.0 Ultimate Power Supply Tester [Frozen CPU]

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