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As I mentioned recently in my Kitchen Tool Drawer post, the Easydriver is back (“and it’s IMPROVED”). The $29.95 Easydriver gift set (shown on the left in the picture) has the Easydriver ball with three shaft lengths (3″, 5-½”, and 7″), the Mini-Easydriver ball (shown in use on the right in the above picture) with 3-¼” shaft, and six standard ¼” hex bits (two #1 Phillips, two 3/16″ slotted, one #2 Phillips, and one ¼” slotted). As with most other standard ¼” hex bit holders, I’m assuming you can use these without bits as ¼” nut drivers. Each ball is a ratchet driver that you simply flip over to reverse the action. The tools are American made and have a lifetime warranty.

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I don’t know if it’s a regional, cultural, generational, or whatever thing, but when I was growing up there was always one drawer in the kitchen that had tools in it — things like a small hammer, regular pliers, a screwdriver or two, a tape measure, and a random collection of fasteners including nails, screws, and rubber bands. The kitchen tool drawer in my grandmother’s house had this neat little hammer with a handle that unscrewed to reveal a set of nested screwdrivers (still available ). I don’t know how useful it was, but it sure piqued my early Toolmonger brain.

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