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Until January 24, 2010, Lee Valley has an introductory price of $13.50 (the regular price will be $18.50) for the Thread I.D.™ Nut and Bolt Indentifier*. It includes a plate with 28 tapped holes: 10 National Coarse (1-64 to 1/4-20), 10 National Fine (1-72 to 1/4-28), and 8 Metric Coarse (M1.6 to M6.0) that you can use to identify bolts, as shown in the far right picture below. But wait, there’s more: it also comes with knurled-head bolts in the same 28 sizes, so, as shown in the far left picture below, you can use these to identify tapped-hole threads in other materials, and, by flipping the plate over, as shown in the middle picture below, use them to identify nuts. Last, but not least, all this comes in a fitted wooden box.

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I’ve seen a variety of bolt and nut sizers/identifiers, but this is the first combo kit I’ve come across, and I think it looks like a handy addition to the toolbox. What’s your opinion?

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*Made, as you can see in the picture, by Chestnut Tools. However, their web site redirects you the to Lee Valley site.

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Thread I.D.™ [Lee Valley]

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