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14 Responses to Contact Us

  1. [...] Hell, Sean’s wanted to drive a bulldozer his whole life and has yet to find the opportunity.  If any of you are in the North Texas area and have a bulldozer Sean could check out, drop us a line. [...]

  2. [...] So what’s YOUR MacGyver tool?  If you were to remove the word “paperclip” from the quote and insert a tool you own, what would it be?  Post a comment below, or drop us a line with your ultimate MacGyver tool — anything from a toothpick to a milling machine. [...]

  3. [...] I’m concerned, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.  If you would, please take the time to let me know in comments.  Or, if you’d like a more private line, just use the contact us form. [...]

  4. [...] We’re seeking someone to assist us in finding the best tool deals on the web.  So, if you’re a master at rooting out the best pricing opportunites around — and you don’t mind working for lousy pay (and, of course, the respect of your fellow Toolmongers), drop us a line via the contact form for more details.  Be sure to include your contact information. [...]

  5. [...] We’re seeking more pictures of reader shops.  You’ve seen our shop — now show us yours!  Send us a link to your photos via the contact us page. [...]

  6. [...] Note: If you have a cool old tool lying around in your collection, why not drop us a description and a link to a picture of it using our contact form?  I bet other readers would enjoy seeing it, and I know we would. [...]

  7. [...] Note: If you’d like to tell us about some of your favorite tools, drop us a line via our contact form and be sure to include a link to photo(s) of your actual tool.  We’re not just looking for a recommendation — we want to see the one you’ve used and abused. [...]

  8. [...] Sadly, we can’t be there.  If any of you go, though, and happen to take a few pictures and/or speak with Scerri, drop us a line via our contact us form — we’d love to hear about it. [...]

  9. [...] The picture above, by the way, is of Make’s own fire truck which is already parked at the Faire.  After seeing it, Sean and I have concluded that we must own a fire truck at some point.  We’re already on the WiFi looking for one.  If you have any leads, drop us a line via the contact page.  (It doesn’t even have to run.  In fact, our favorite deal would be the “haul it off special.”) [...]

  10. [...] We’ll look into this and report back when we have more information, but I thought it worth mentioning anyway.  Of course, if you know anything about the deal, drop us a line. [...]

  11. [...] PS: If you notice ‘em on sale, email me.  I want to put one away in storage. [...]

  12. [...] And if you’ve got a cool Doh! moment you’d like to share — it’s cathartic, really — drop us a line. [...]

  13. [...] I pined over my dad’s Troy-Bilt Horse. Guess what? I have it now, and I live on a postage stamp-sized lot. Live in Texas and wanna buy it? Contact me. [...]

  14. [...] we should really do these roundups more often!  If you have a suggestion for a Hot or Not post, drop us a line and let us [...]