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Sure, putting the vehicle in park and setting the emergency brake are supposed to keep it from rolling, but nothing gives you that warm secure feeling while you work under the vehicle like chocking the tires.  These portable wheel chocks fold to just 1″ high so you can take them with you in the trunk or under the seat.

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The simple problem of keeping cords coiled breeds many strange solutions, like giant twist-ties and molded-plastic contraptions, so why not throw some Velcro at the problem, too?

Coil Keepers are simple wraps made of nylon and Velcro with built-in ABS D-rings.  You wrap the Coil Keeper around the coiled hose or cord, and hang it from the D-ring.  The 15″ long by 1-1/2″ wide straps can even join together for larger diameters.

Pricing start at $4 for a set of four Coil Keepers — or you could probably whip up something similar with the previously covered two-sided Velcro rolls.

Coil Keeper [Bowtie Products]
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Forget holding the flashlight in your teeth, or depending on that underpowered light the manufacturer puts under the hood — instead shine some real light into your engine compartment with this under-hood work light sold by Jack’s Tool Shed.

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Woodworkers have brass setup bars for precision setup — machinists have gauge blocks.  You stack a series of gauge blocks to match the desired measurement, for accurately checking and setting measurements and calibrating instruments.

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What’s cool about the Quick-Measure angle divisor is that when you use it to copy an angle, you get the complimentary angle as well, without the extra math.  Although it’s not mentioned in any of the descriptions for this tool, doesn’t this design also bisect the angle automatically so you can cut matching trim pieces?

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