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When you think of insulated tools, a torque wrench isn’t the first tool that comes to mind. Yet there must be a need for them, because several companies sell insulated torque wrenches. Knipex has sold their model 98 43 for a while, but is obsoleting it in favor of two new models.

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Besides now making both a 1/2″ drive and a 3/8″ drive, the only real differences seem to be a slightly tweaked handle design, a 10 oz. weight increase to 43 oz., and a torque range change from 8-54 Nm to 5-50 Nm. All the models are reversible to tighten both right-handed and left-handed threads.

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Take a moment and think about what a rotary hammer does. Yeah, it makes holes in materials like concrete by spinning fast — that’s the rotary part. It also slams the tip of the drill bit into the surface up to 4,300 times per minute. But not all of that energy finds its way to the surface; some of it gets transferred back to the operator — oh, my aching joints!

The point behind Dewalt’s new SHOCKS system is to reduce the amount of vibration transferred to the operator. To accomplish this, they mount the rear handle of the tool on shocks. They claim this reduces strain and fatigue, and increases control of the tool.

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If you want to remove paint, rust, dirt, or welding slag without damaging the metal surface, you may need an air needle scaler.  This air-powered tool has a piston that drives a number of needles or small chisels back and forth very quickly.

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If you’re paranoid about your neighbors stealing your water when you’re sleeping, you either need to see your doctor about some medication, or you need Nibco’s FaucetLock.  The FaucetLock screws over existing hose bibs without tools and prevents water theft or tampering.

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Fall’s here, and the leaves just keep dropping.  Too bad the trees don’t drop their leaves all at the same time — no, to keep your yard clean you’ll have to rake many times before fall’s over.  Plus, if you have trees like red oaks that hold onto their leaves over the winter, you’ll be out there raking in the spring several times, too.  All this raking takes away valuable shop time.  Would something like this $150 lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab make the work go faster?

This particular lawn sweeper cleans a 26″ swath and collects up to 7 cubic feet of dry leaves/debris in its replaceable vinyl hopper — unfortunately, it won’t work very well with soggy leaves.  With its zinc-plated steel frame and polypropylene housing, the 52-1/2″ x 31″ x 33″ sweeper weighs in at 25 pounds.

Is a lawn sweeper the answer for keeping your yard clean in the fall, or will it just sit in the garage gathering dust?  Let us know your experiences in comments.

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A couple years ago we posted about Ridgid’s plastic nut basin wrench.  Ridgid has since updated the 2006 model of this tool to be a “multipurpose under-sink plumbing tool,” and they renamed it the Faucet and Sink Installer.  The notched ends of this tool still fit 2, 3, 4, and 6-tabbed plastic mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers, and ball cocks — but now the tool does so much more.

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Air Drain Blaster

I found this “air drain blaster” for $16.48 at Drill Spot this weekend.  It essentially replaces the (not so) good ‘ole plunger by directing a blast of air down the drain.  It ships with four differently-sized drain attachments — one of which will hopefully fit your drain. 

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