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I can’t tell if the blog from whence these photos came is a link farm or what, but they sure have collected a lot of interesting photos that seem tailor-made to inspire slick home DIY ideas. Take, for example, the picture above, which Interior Design Magazine says comes from “Sztuki Cafe.” Now imagine building a set of a few of these for your kid’s room.

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Or how ’bout this one:

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Big thanks to TM reader Matt who emailed us about this awesome video from the DIY Network in which Norm Abram shows off what might just be the most intricate, ornate, and artful tool chest… in the world. (/Clarkson). Norm says it was built by a Boston piano maker named “Henry Studley” (completely appropriate surname, btw) and features Honduran mahogany with ebony panels. But the magic is inside.

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At Toolmonger, we try to stick to bringing you new and cool tools, so we don’t share a lot of websites — but sometimes we need to be reminded why we have those tools. When I rediscovered Matthias Wandel’s woodworking  site, I thought “Holy crap — this is a guy who knows how to use his tools to build some damn cool stuff.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured projects from his website. He’s the guy who built the wooden combination lock and brought you the Eyeballing Game. If you haven’t yet explored his site, you should: It’s chock-full of other amazing Wandel-ful projects.

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Now that the New Yankee Workshop is over, do you still feel the need for a weekly hit of Norm? Did your local PBS station stop airing reruns? Are you too cheap to pay for the DVDs? Yeah, me too. The good news is that the New Yankee Online Website is airing an old episode each week.

From the New Yankee Online website:

Interest remains strongly favorable to these on line versions of the classic New Yankee episodes from the past so we intend to keep them coming as long as we can.

So catch them while you can!

New Yankee Workshop Reruns [New Yankee Online]
Program Schedule [New Yankee Online]

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Fine Woodworking has a new site specifically for “video quick tips and timesavers that will make life at the bench easier and more enjoyable.” Each month they plan to offer a short video covering different aspects of woodworking, from jigs to shop “secrets.” The first video, about 1:45 long — brought to you by Delta® and starting with their logo — describes a quick-and-dirty miter saw stand, which is a simple set of t-shaped wood assemblies that you clamp to a workbench. Future subjects include a stop block, sliding dovetail keys, and crosscuts on small stock.

I’m going to reserve final judgment until I see more episodes, but, so far, I’m not overly impressed. What’s your opinion?

Fast Fix Videos [Fine Woodworking]

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A friend of mine in Louisiana pointed me to an interesting site a few days ago. Scoraig Wind, a website full of one man’s experience and accumulated knowledge from years of making his own power with wind turbines. Using primarily wood, old pipe, and junkyard car alternators, Mr. Hugh Piggott and a few of his mates have had some impressive success harnessing the wind, and it’s all done in spare time from their garages.

Whether or not you buy into the green revolution, you have to admit that making enough of your own juice for the city to pay you is a pretty cool notion. I really like the idea of an off-the-grid house, and if you happen to live in the right area, wind power might be a great trick to save a buck or three. The site’s primary offering is a book with step-by-step instructions for making a completely scratch-built turbine, right down to arranging the stator yourself from purchased magnets. Not a bad way to kill a few weekends.

Wind Power Generators [Scoraig Wind]

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MNPCTech’s Bill Owen has laid out the steps for a great mirror-finish paint job, complete with video tutorials, tips, and tricks.  I’ve no idea how many Toolmongers would want to go through all this work for a computer case, but I’d bet a quarter that there are a few projects out there that could use a perfect finish like this!

Maybe Chuck and Sean will go for this on the shop truck

Mirror-Finish Paint [MNPCTech]


Tell your story about your Warn winch, share the photos or video, and win a Warn winch…  It sounded better when it wasn’t only for people who own Warn winches. Still, if you do own a winch, from Warn, you’ve got till August 30, 2008 to tell your story and maybe win a new M8000 winch.

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You can rekey a lock quickly and simply, in an evening — it might qualify as a “One-Beer” project, if you’ve got just one lock to rekey. Change-A-Lock and other companies make kits that allow you to change the key for a lock. But if you want a key you already have to fit all your doors, you’ll probably have to either hire a locksmith or do the work yourself.

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Doh! Tie down your load, know the length, know the height! Obviously this story happened in 2006, but breaking S#!$ is cool any time. Check out more photos of this whoopsie on Snopes.com.

While we’re on the subject of bridges, when was the last time you watched a video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse? Structural failures, machinery failures, tool failures — Toolmongers usually arrive on the site before anyone else, either containing or cleaning up the mess.  And sometimes a Toolmonger pulls a Tim “The Toolman” Taylor stunt.

Let us know in comments about the failures and mistakes you’ve seen.

Hoe Down [Snopes]