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What makes one oxy-fuel torch better than the next? Victor’s research says that we’re most efficient at welding and cutting when we can see our workpiece and easily control the torch. They incorporated a number of features into their re-designed 400 series to directly address these issues, and the result is a pretty interesting-looking torch.

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Victor Technologies announced a new welder today, the Fabricator 211i, which seems targeted at the truck welder market. Designed for 208/230 VAC single-phase primary power (at 50 or 60 Hz), it also accepts to 115V/20A with the installation of an included adapter, so it’ll work with pretty much whatever truck generator you’ve got. The manufacturer claims it’ll deliver full rated output when hooked up to a 6,000 watt generator, and can deliver up to 150 amps off of a 3kW 115V gennie.

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