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I keep a couple of crappy dead blow hammers around the shop, but this new kit from S-K blows ’em away. The hammer features a non-slip “flanged-butt” design — stop snickering, it’s just bigger at the bottom so you don’t accidentally throw the hammer. And the kit includes eight color-coded screw-on tips in various hardnesses.

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Whether you call it a Saltus Wrench or a flex combination wrench, it still looks like you left your sockets alone in the dark with your wrenches for too long. I remember running into one of these wrenches in my dad’s toolbox as a kid and thinking, “What the hell is this for?” Given the proliferation of ratcheting box end wrenches and other innovations, most people probably don’t run into these wrenches anymore.

The open end and the socket on one of these wrenches are the same size, and the socket isn’t removable. The socket usually rotates on the end of the wrench, somewhat like a socket on the head of a breaker bar — this setup might get you into some areas too tight for a ratchet and socket.

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SK is rolling into 2009 with a limited-edition toolbox.  If you’re wondering how different this box is from their regular Commando-Pro line of toolboxes, the answer is –- not very.

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SK Hand Tools recently added a 3/8″-drive Mini Wobble Ratchet to their air tools line. Wobble ratchets are handy to have around because they allow 16 degrees of angle in a 360 degree range of motion. This little edge gives the mechanic more freedom to cram the tool in and get at hard-to-reach bolts. Once powered up it also wobbles, which helps un-stick the really stubborn ones.

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SK Replaceable Tip Hammer

Recently SK Hand Tools released their nine-piece No-Sparking and Non-Marring Replaceable-Tip Dead-Blow Hammer Kit. The mallet accepts two screw-on replacement tips, and SK incorporates a non-slip grip and a flanged-butt into the handle to keep the hammer in your hands, not flying across the room.

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SK recenly introduced a new ergonomic Tri-molded series screwdriver line which features an anti-slip design plus a soft grip area for extra comfort. And though it’s only mentioned way down on the feature list in the SK press release, we like the fact that the drivers are color coded on the top by size and type. We also like the permanent laser etching on the blade that provides code, symbol, and dimension.

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S-K Tools' Cable Operated Ratcheting Hose Clamp Pliers

The spring-type clamps auto manufacturers apply on nearly every hose fitting are an endless source of frustration for most of us; they’re often buried in the engine compartment where only Stuart Little could get at them.  But with S-K’s cable-operated clamp pliers, it’s a cable that twists and winds through the hot engine instead of your arm.

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SK recently overhauled their site from the ground up and launched an entirely new interface.  This includes their shopping cart and direct tool buying areas. The new interface looks very Apple iPhone-ish, but the change is welcome.

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All you German-car drivin’ Toolmongers can rejoice: S-K recently announced a new 75-degree offset, reversible, double-box, universal-spline version of their G-Pro ratcheting wrenches.   Extreme offset wrenches like these are just the ticket for dealing with some of the, umm, crazier engineering concepts found on Porsches and Volkswagens, and the ratcheting feature really helps, too. 

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SK Hand tools announced their new line of dead blow hammers today.  All four new models are made in the USA and feature fully molded Trucothane (read: rubber plastic coating) shells that protect the head from splitting, even when you do incredibly stupid things with ’em.  (What else are dead blows for?)

The dead blow hammer is called such because of its shot-filled canister that counteracts a hammer’s natural tendency to bounce back.  The steel canister is welded to the rod and fully incased in the handle for safety.

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