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Where do you put your glue-ups? On the floor where you might trip over them? On your bench so you have to wait for it to dry before you can be productive again? Pony Mounted Clamp Collars let you mount glue-ups on the wall and out of the way, freeing up space to get more done.

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Used for 3/4″ pipe clamps, the collars slide into a bracket that you mount on the wall. The free ends of the pipe clamps slide into the collar and are secured with thumbscrews. Since the pipe clamps are hanging from the wall, you need to be careful about how much weight you put on the clamps. They recommend no more that 200 lbs. on 3-foot long pipe clamps, though I’m not sure if that’s for a single pipe clamp or two.

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Pipe clamps aren’t the optimal clamp to use for glue-ups, but they are cheap. You can usually buy three or more pipe clamps for the price of one parallel jaw clamp. Plus, they’re very versatile — you’re only limited by the length of threaded black pipe you have on hand. Some of their downsides are the jaws don’t always stay parallel and the workpiece can buckle if you’re not careful to support both faces.

Pony’s double pipe design attempts to remedy these shortcomings by using two pipes instead of one. The clamps straddle the glued panel, keeping it flat. The pipes are spaced wide enough apart to accommodate stock up to 3″ thick.

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Slide these veneer clamp screws over some 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipe clamps and you have a deep-reach surface-clamping jig for veneering, laminating, or whatever other use you can imagine.  They’ll work in conjunction with Pony-style 50, 52, and 56 pipe clamps, or put them in your own custom fixture.

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You can never have too many clamps in the shop, and specialized ones are better still. Take the cabinet claw, a clamp that makes it easy to align the faces of two pieces of wood — it allows you to pre-drill for assembly screws using a drill guide built right into the clamp.

The cabinet claw can hold two stiles with widths of 1-1/2″ to 2″ each, for a total width of 4”, and a thickness of 1-1/2″ each. The pre-drill hole, which is located on one of the clamp arms, allows you to drill a guided hole and drive a fastener through each piece, for an accurate alignment and tight fit.

We can see where this would be handy for cabinetry and furniture building — we just wish it came in a bigger size. But any help keeping seams tight is better than nothing.

Street pricing starts around $55.

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Bowed or warped boards are a sure-fire sign of amateur decking work.  Adjustable Clamp, however, claims their Pony Clamp Board Boss holds curved boards straight and in-line for a pro-looking installation.

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