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Duct Ripper

If you need to cut a hole in the middle of a sheet of metal duct, Malco’s CDR duct ripper will get you started. Designed especially for puncturing and ripping ductwork, this tool looks somewhat like a standard blade screwdriver, but the similarities end there. 

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Malco grinds the tip of this hardened, corrosion-resistant blade to a perfect angle for puncturing sheet metal. A hanging hole penetrates the cushioned grip for easy storage.  If you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good screwdriver, you can pick it up for about $12.

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Duct Ripper [Malco]
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DennisL sent us a heads-up about this product from Malco — an attachment that turns your 14.4V or larger cordless drill into a metal shear that can handle up to 18-gauge galvanized steel.  I’d imagine this would be pretty handy for an HVAC pro, leveraging an already-purchased coredless drill and eliminating a high-cost second tool all in one shot.

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