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In an interesting article on Highland Woodworking’s Wood News Online™, Bruce Lamo discusses which woodworking tools he would buy, based on his 30 years of experience, if he were starting over. For example, he would start with three or four hand planes (a low-angle block, a smoothing, a jack, and a jointer: “With these…and some practice, you can go a long time without a planer, jointer, belt sander, and a few other machines.”), a good hand saw, a few good chisels, some clamps, and a scraper. His first power tool would be a good contractor saw, followed by a plunge router.

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Invented by British product designer Chris Elsworthy, the Power8 Workshop’s case converts into a tablesaw, scroll saw, or drill press (in which case the tablesaw’s fence becomes the upright for the drill). The kit comes with four cordless tools: a 5-½” circular saw, a jigsaw, a variable speed 3/8″ drill/driver, and a flashlight. An assortment of drill bits, driver bits, and jigsaw blades plus a soft tool bag are also included.

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If a flatbed isn’t in the budget — or you don’t know anybody with one — then taking your lawn tractor somewhere in the truck can be quite a pain.  Either you’ve got a set of  ramps like these, or you have to ride the thing wherever you’re going.  If you’re planning on riding, make sure you bring a gas can.  And just forget getting a date.  Seriously, don’t ask. 

The Ramp Champs from highland are pretty inexpensive and will get your mower or ATV in the back of the truck in no time.  The ‘Champ is a folding composite/steel ramp that Highland says can support 750 lbs. per ramp, which is more than enough to support the load of most lawn tractors or ATV’s.  They also have a no-slip coating and raised edges to help keep everything headed in the right direction.

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