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The Boxer 320 mini skid offers a number of badass features — but the most interesting is that for about $80, you can rent it for the afternoon at the local home center and fit it through the garden gate. At around 34 inches wide, the Boxer can get into the the backyard or even pack itself into the back of a pickup and arrive on scene ready to work.

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Equipped with a compact 20 hp Kohler motor, the Boxer can lift up to 625 lbs. over 54″ in the air, depending on the tip weight at the moment of lift and what attachment is stuck out front. At any rate, it’ll tear up a great deal faster than any mere human could do. Plus, riding on the back and operating a few controls beats lifting or breaking dirt yourself.

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Spiders have eight legs, right?  It’s strange then that Boxer Tools named their six-legged bungee cord after a spider.  Why not name it after an insect, like an ant?  Ants are mighty strong for their size.

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In the same spirit as the Warranty Voider below, Myself sent us this find: “Small toys call for small tools.  Regular readers may have noticed from my comments that I’m into electronics, and many of my tools tend to run towards the small side.  This set of 4mm insert bits and a little spinner handle makes quick work of most jobs — and along with Velleman’s 33-piece 1/4″ security bit set opens almost anything.  (For the rest, there’s the Dremel.)  A similar set of Wiha 4mm bits goes for about fifty bucks, but you can have the Boxers for well under half that, shipped.  They’re surprisingly good quality for the price, though I don’t know where they’re made.  P.S. — If anyone knows of a ‘stubby’ handle for 4mm bits, please share!”

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