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Who ever said that play can’t change the world? The Soccket ball, developed by two Harvard alumns, is a regulation-size soccer ball containing an inductive coil mechanism that captures and stores a small electrical charge. With a tiny flip cap that reveals an 1/8″ input, after less than 30 minutes of play, the Soccket will power an LED light for 3 hours, charge a battery, or operate other small devices, including an iPhone or portable CD player.

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If you’re like me, you probably just like good ‘ole flashlights: cheap, easy to hold and use, and durable. But if you’re a fan of “tactical lights” (read: mean-looking all-metal lights powered by the latest unobtainum emitters and bright enough to scare vampires), you’ll get a kick out of this one. It’s lithium-ion powered, chargeable via a micro-USB jack hidden inside the O-ring-sealed tailpiece, and “programmable.” (No, really.) That’s right: We’ve got ourselves a flashlight nerd extravaganza.

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