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With severe drought crippling a significant portion of the U.S. this summer, lawn irrigation is an art every Toolmonger with a yard has considered. While I don’t have an in-ground irrigation system, I’ve been somewhat successful using a few Nelson’s Raintrain traveling sprinklers. They can cover a significant portion of the average yard in the limited hours available for best watering, saving money and allowing you a full night’s sleep. However, just like any car or household machinery, these suburban practice¬†farm machines sometimes break. Fortunately, with an online part order and a little time, they can be brought back to life to water again another day.

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Last summer one of our two outside water faucets started leaking. By the time I shut off the water to the outside faucets for the winter, it had become a constant stream. So this spring before turning the water back on, I talked with a plumber and bounced my impending repair off him. He recommended that I could simply reseal it myself. The repair was simple, cheap, and will prevent me from worrying about my water bill skyrocketing this summer.

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