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FOD sucks. (That’s Foreign Object Damage, or what happens when you leave something behind when you’re working on something critical like an airplane or a race car. Wrenches, you know, can really muck up operating jet engines.) For years, shops that work on such sensitive gear have gone to great lengths to assure that every tool that leaves the toolbox makes it back home. When I was a kid and I’d visit my dad at work (he worked in aircraft maintenance), I’d see lots of tool silhouettes –pegboards with tool shapes painted on them in bright colors so you’d see color only when the tool normally stored there was missing.

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Well, technology marches on. CribMaster, a company that sells all sorts of automated inventory management products, teamed up with Proto to offer professional-quality tools with integrated RFID tags. By mounting tag readers at various choke points (like the door to a hangar, for example) computer systems can automatically read the passage of the tools and mark them in the system as checked out or checked back in. The new brand: ProtoID.

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I received a couple of emails this week asking about the process of getting replacement keys for toolboxes. I’ve had a little experience with this on my own, but to offer a real answer, I headed to Google, then called around a bit among our TM contacts. Short answer: You’re pretty damn screwed. Read on for the longer version.

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Having owned a set of large diagonal cutters (and an angle grinder w/cutoff wheels) for a number of years, I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to padlocks. I generally see them as a way to keep mostly-honest (and lazy folks) honest. So when we receive yet another press release for the latest and greatest it’s-really-safe-this-time padlock, we generally don’t get too excited. Are we wrong, though? Do you feel that some locks are truly significantly better at protecting your stuff?

Here’s a rundown of some of the features pitched to us in various press releases:

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