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If you’re new to welding and want a full set of safety gear, or if you need a second set for travel, Lincoln offers two “package” deals called Ready-Paks. The basic version includes a cloth welding jacket, a set of leather work gloves, a set of welding gloves, Lincoln’s low-end safety glasses, and Lincoln’s Viking 1840 variable shade (9 to 13) welding helmet. Pictured above is their new “premium” version, which subs in the upgraded Viking 3350 helmet (with a greater shade range, 6 to 13), a leather sleeved jacket, and an upgraded set of welding gloves and safety glasses — plus some leather welding sleeves. In both cases you get a big (and pretty durable-looking) duffel bag in which to carry the gear.

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Here’s the interesting part, though: we spent a little time Googling prices on these, and we found both available for around $230. We’d have expected the traditional version to go for less, and it probably does in terms of MSRP (though Lincoln neither lists them on their website nor includes them on their press releases). But who pays MSRP?

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Anyway, this strikes us as a pretty damn good deal for some very decent kit. We’re considering doing some welding gear testing this upcoming year. Is there anything you’d really like to see?

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