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The Boeing 777 is an amazing piece of hardware for a number of reasons. It’s one of the first aircraft to heavily incorporate computerized design to reduce testing time. It’s a two-engined aircraft that’s proven so reliable that it’s been certified to fly previously four-engine-only routes. It’s pretty amazing. But did you know each one (like previous Boeing aircraft as well) are hand-made — like a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini?

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We leave you this week with the above video, which was created by Boeing to tell everyone a little bit about not the 777, but rather about the people who build it. In roughly seven minutes, we get a little peek into what makes those thousands of people go, from their childhood dreams to their introduction into the mechanical world. All of this comes together in carefully-coordinated teamwork — and a product that many cross-continental travelers bet their asses on every day.

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What I see are a bunch of folks who like what they do and care to do it well — whether people are watching or not. That’s just awesome. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Video Friday: Building The Triple-Seven

  1. Jason says:

    awesome. Makes me want to go out to the shop and MAKE something, dammit.

  2. Mark Franco says:

    What a great video. I’m glad these people are inspired to do a tremendous job. I don’t know that I would want to be on one of those, if the people making them weren’t into what they were doing.

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