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About a year ago, a rather interesting title changed hands: the bragging rights for world’s largest hammer may have gone down under, thanks to Kevin Plant and his 600-lb. custom built rig.

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Australian steals title for “World’s Biggest Hammer” from the US!
Kevin Plant, Founder and Manager of Trade-A-Trade.com can now lay claim to the world’s largest hammer, and it is floating in the Pine River in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from 4-12 February 2011. The hammer is 10 metres/33 feet long, the biggest in the world.

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Of course it’s not the largest “functional” hammer, as smacking a fastener built to the same scale would likely split the strike face in two. However, it does come with a cool floating case, which is not something you’re going to find with any other hammer.

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4 Responses to World’s Largest Hammer: Sort Of

  1. Scote says:

    So this is really the world’s biggest prop hammer.

    Nice looking, though.

    Now, to build the world’s largest nail…

  2. MR P says:

    at 0:50 it says built by one man
    at 1:23 he says took us five days to make it
    So is it made by one man and/or does one refer to himself as us in the outback

  3. Ben Marvin says:

    I wonder if he’s friends with this guy and his 13m long axe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3y4-H2l31Q&feature=youtu.be

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