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We ran across this great story and had to pass it along: In a classic case of both saving government money and using something for more than it was designed to do, United States Air Force Academy Cadet First Class Joel Noble fixed a B-1B bomber during his summer Operational Air Fore tour — by using common household spray foam. The exact brand wasn’t named, but it was stated to cost only $5. That’s a far cry from a $20,000 hammer or a $30,000 toilet seat. C1C Noble, we here at Toolmonger salute you and wish you well on your last year at the Academy and a long and distinguished career as a pilot.

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You can check out the full story at the Air Force Academy’s website by clicking here.

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One Response to We Salute An Air Force Toolmonger

  1. Coach James says:

    hats off to the ingenuity of the cadet. Also, the $600 hammer, $500 toilet etc., seat never existed. The absurd prices were the result of accounting methods using in military procurement, not a reflection of the actual cost.

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