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When I think “cap gun,” an entirely different image comes to mind for me than the one pictured above. However, this cap gun from Duo-Fast is a pneumatic-powered monster of a helping hand. Roofers and siding guys normally look upon cap staplers as a necessary evil with their jams and constant need to fuss over them. Duo-Fast’s DF150-CS claims to fix that.

Offering a significant boost to productivity on the job is Duo-Fast’s exclusive 240-cap spool system. The system enables Duo-Fast to offer the best cap capacity in the category, a perfect compliment to the tool’s 110-staple capacity. When it is time to add fasteners, an open-loading design makes reloading quick and easy and eliminates the hassles that previously accompanied the process.
Users can easily switch between three firing modes: bump, sequential, and staple-only. The three-mode firing system is new to the industry and is certain to make a lot of end users happy. When driving both caps and fasteners, the 18-gauge stapler drives 3/8” crown staples 1” in length. In staple-only mode, the DF150-CS is capable of driving narrow crown staples from ¾” to 1-1/2” in length.
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Actually, we have no doubt that the DF150-CS will do what it says it will. Mostly because it reminds us of another cap gun, namely the CS150 from Paslode.

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Just a guess, but we’re thinking that the Duo-Fast will perform much the same as the Paslode, which is to say well. So if you prefer blue to orange, this one’s right up your alley.

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Duo-Fast [Website]

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8 Responses to Preview: Duo-Fast Cap Gun

  1. Erich says:

    Wouldn’t a “a perfect compliment to the tool’s 110-staple capacity” be a 220-cap spool, not a 240-cap spool? Seems like they just wnt you to waste staples or caps.

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    Yeah I’m thinking that’s like the hot dog and bun thing. So you never run out at the same time and have to buy more regardless.

  3. Nervous Neil says:

    GUN GUN GUN, enough about guns already

  4. Jerod says:

    I like the Bostich that has a cap magazine that can’t open and unroll the caps down across the roof.

  5. ttamnoswad says:

    What’s the price differential between these two tools. Since they are the exact same product with different stickers, the pricing will be interesting.

  6. PutnamEco says:

    Looks like the Paslode doesn’t hold as many staples as the Duo-Fast, every listing I looked up quotes the magazine capacity of the Paslode at 90 staples.

    Erich says:
    Wouldn’t a “a perfect compliment to the tool’s 110-staple capacity” be a 220-cap spool, not a 240-cap spool? Seems like they just wnt you to waste staples or caps.
    The SELL them in a box set that contains an equal number of caps and staples, your just going to have to load them at different times.

  7. ConstructionCraig says:

    From what I saw, they give you the exact amount of caps and staples per pack. I also saw the two tools listed as the same price depending on who is selling it.

  8. fred says:

    I’d be interested to see how this gets reviewed in real use. We’ve been using a Bostitch SB150 which is not without its foibles (caps sometimes seem to have a propensity for falling out – and staples don’t always drive flat) – but it sure beats a Stinger hand tool we picked up when it first came out. Thought the cheap Stinger might be OK for small jobs – but its now a dust collector in the back of the shop. The problem with the Stinger is that it would not advance the rolled caps or drive staples cosnsistently – so bad in fact that you might as well have used some totally manual method.

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