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MLCS sells a simple fix for a problem I didn’t know existed — evidently some router guide bushings can vibrate loose under use. Their solution is to sell you a spring washer that keeps pressure on the bushing nut so it won’t turn during use.

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I can’t speak from experience; I’ve barely used my guide bushings since I snagged them on sale for unbelievably cheap, but the problem seems plausible — otherwise, why would people buy any sort of lock washer? These washers seem to be targeted at the Porter Cable-style bushings; I verified this by measuring my almost-new set and found that indeed the 1-3/16″ washer would fit.

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MLCS sells two of these spring washers for $6. You might be able to do better in a hardware catalog, but 1-3/16″ doesn’t strike me as an easy-to-find size.

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Spring Washer [MLCS]

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2 Responses to Spring Lock Washer For Router Guide Bushing

  1. jc says:

    McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/#disc-springs/=8xhozf) has these much cheaper. Someone would have to order one and confirm some outside diameters, but I’d be surprised if they’re so unusual the MMC doesn’t carry them.

  2. Pete in Elma Wa says:

    I have had this problem a few times, and when things get lose, it gets Ugly real fast. I think I will order a couple of them.

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