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Join us as we run down this week’s top five, share some stories and new tool news from DeWalt’s summer press events, and discuss carving — one of the world’s cheapest (and some might say most entertaining) hobbies. Remember: If you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 214-296-9229. (Podcast Download)

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7 Responses to Tool Talk #61: DeWalt’s Summer Press Event, Carving

  1. Dr_No says:

    A new podcast! Wooohooooo!!!!! Good work guys. Love the podcasts

  2. Mark Hunter says:

    Great to hear you guys back on the ‘air’ again!

  3. Cameron says:

    All right! Time to fire up the pod-catcher and download this bad boy!

  4. Scott says:

    What a great summer treat to listen to while on the road. It’s nice to hear you guys talk tools again!

  5. bartsdad says:

    OK, where are 59 and 60?

    Thanks guys, I really enjoy the shows.

  6. whiskeywaters says:

    Welcome back!

  7. I’ve visited your site a few dozen times over the past few months (and I like what I see by the way) but I never noticed that you had a podcast until now. I immediately went to iTunes to download and I was bummed that there are only 20 or 30 episodes available. I know I can listen to them all on the site, but I like to put them on my iPhone and listen to them in the car (I drive a lot). Is there another way for me to get them without downloading them 1 at a time?

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