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The Mitee-Bite fixture clamp is a screw with a head diameter eccentric to the shaft of the screw and a hexagonal brass collar that fits around that head. Wholesale Tool has the 1/4″-20 thread Mitee-Bite Fixture Clamp for $5.35. Sound boring? It might be, until you need one.

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When placed against the edge of a workpiece (that has a stop opposite the clamped edge) the screw is turned and this clamps the part. It’s a simple, low-profile way of clamping parts for machining.

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Mitee-Bite Fixture Clamp [wttool.com]

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2 Responses to Dealmonger: Mitee-Bite 1/4″-20 Fixture Clamp

  1. Frank Rand says:

    I never knew what this was… until I needed one. I actually needed two and it was funny that you posted about now knowing what this is until you need it.

  2. Adler Tim says:

    Please look at the attached web site: http://www.mts-rnd.com
    They make clamping tools and fixtures devices.

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