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For decades Metal Lathe Accessories has been offering kits of castings for making useful accessories for the metal lathe. I’m considering buying their Steady Rest kit as the price for a used/import steady rest for my South Bend 10K lathe is three times as much ($150-$200). Other useful kits that stand out are the Die Filer, Milling Attachment and Quick Change Toolpost, but everything they offer looks useful.

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While the amount of work needed to make these kits into useful accessories is somewhat hefty, the kits are a great way to learn metalworking techniques while adding to your shop. In my years of following internet discussions I have only heard glowing reviews of the quality of the MLA castings, drawings and instructions.

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Metal Lathe Accessories [State College Central]
Steady Rest [MLA]

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  1. Larry says:

    Man, listen to the crickets in here! I can’t believe more people aren’t into machine tools!

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