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Use TapeNIX temporary pulls anytime you haven’t put pulls on the cabinet or drawers, but still need to easily open and close them. Presumably they are so named because Anthony LaFemina created them to replace the blue tape he saw being used as temporary pulls.

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Made in the USA, TapeNIX pulls slide over cabinets and drawer faces up to 3/4″ thick. Simply slide them off once you’ve installed the permanent pulls.

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A bag of 10 TapeNIX pulls shipped from McFeely’s will run you $12, but you get a better price break at 100 pcs. — $33 shipped.

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TapeNix [FastCap]
Tapenix [FastCap eStore]
TapeNix [McFeely's]

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One Response to Temporary Door/Drawer Pulls

  1. Stan says:

    For $0.33 to $1.20 per unit I can make one hella lot of blue-tape temp door handles. Might be convenient but definitely not cost effective…

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