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Snap-on is preparing for Father’s Day by offering a Gift Buying Guide on their website. The 8-page guide includes a wide array of hand tools, from wrenches to sockets to hammers, and it lists the promotional Father’s Day sale prices.

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Don’t get me wrong, Snap-on is still pricey — but you’re paying for quality, and these tools aren’t for just your weekend warrior dad anyway.  The prices shown will last through Father’s Day both online and through your local Snap-on franchise.

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Caution: The guide is a large .pdf file — if you’ve got a slow connection, click at your own risk.

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Snap-on [Corporate Site]

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One Response to Snap-on’s Father’s Day Gift Buying Guide

  1. PeterP says:

    I wish I could justify the Snap-On stuff. It all looks very nice, I’m just not convinced that, say, the Snap On $70 3/8 ratchet is going to be that much better than the Craftsman $15 3/8 ratchet, especially for a hobbiest.

    Rest assured, one day when I win the lottery, all snap on gear in my garage!

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