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Drill Press Ratchet Bolt Modification
Drill Press Ratchet Bolt Modification

I’ve been using this modified table lock bolt on my drill press for over a decade now and figured I should write it up.

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Closeup of ratchet and bolt modification
Closeup of ratchet and bolt modification
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My drill press is shoehorned into an area where I can’t easily access it with a wrench, so I took a socket extension, welded on a metric bolt that matches the one on the table lock, and attached a yard-sale 1/2″ ratchet. (My welding is now much better than this.)

Old Mongomery Wards 1/2" ratchet driver and bolt welded to socket extension
Old Mongomery Wards 1/2
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When I want to loosen or tighten the drill press table, I just flick the ratchet switch and crank a few times — much faster and easier than using a regular wrench on the bolt head.

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2 Responses to A Simple Drill Press Table Locking Bolt

  1. Adon says:

    That’s a heck of an idea. I might have to steal it. lol

  2. MattW says:

    McMaster Carr carries handles that function in a similar fashion, and would look more polished. Search on “adjustable handles” will get you to the right place. This looks like something I would have done for quick and dirty expediency, and then worked well enough to never work on again, though, so don’t take it as criticism. Just informing of the alternative. I try to replace the lame threaded knobs on all my tools with the adjustable handles, the tighten way better and are lots easier to use.

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