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Who said a wheelbarrow had to have a tub?  Instead of a tub the Workhorse wheelbarrow line from Brentwood Industries features a bed and dash made from North American hardwood — it’ll haul brick, tile, hay, wood, or other stackable materials.

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A steel undercarriage supports the 60″ North American hardwood handles, which are topped with comfortable hand grips.  Brentwood sells three different Workhorse wheelbarrows: one with a single 2-ply tire that retails for $200, another with a single 4-ply tire for $220, and yet another with dual 4-ply tires for $250.

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Workhorse [Brentwood Industries]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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5 Responses to That’s A Funny-Looking Wheelbarrow

  1. blore40 says:

    I gotta go steal me a park bench.

  2. Michael W. says:

    I’m currently restoring a single wheel version of one of these from about 1940-50. Masons used barrows like this to carry brick and block (and some still do).

  3. dmiff says:

    Looks like a candidate for a DIY project.

  4. matt says:

    this style wheel barrel is very useful for transporting many thing i do masonry and i would say it works a lot better then a barrel although barrels are also clearly needed another thing 2 wheels on the front making turning a lot harder so i would not suggest this instead i suggest to take an old wheel barrel frame take off the barrel and put some boards and brace them ( that’s what i did made out of old boards from skids :P )

  5. Dela Cruz says:

    Great,i am really laughing. Thanks for share with us this wheelbarrow.

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