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When it’s time to tally up the build cost of that project car, we’re guessing most builders don’t want “engine stand” to even figure in — we wouldn’t either.  To get that block off the floor you usually have to make a choice:  Go cheap and risk it, or go big and have the cost cut into your build.  The 1,000lb.-engine cradle from TP gives you the best of both worlds by being both cheap, at $33, and sturdy.

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There’s no magic to it — four points of contact support the motor from a four-wheeled base.  Just lower almost anything other than a big block into the mounts and bolt them up.  Roll it where you need it, or just build it where it sits without worrying about anyone bumping it.

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1,000lb.-Engine Cradle [TP Tools]

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2 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: 1,000-Pound-Engine Cradle

  1. _Jon says:

    Good points.
    I really like that they give you a spot to store the bolts that will hold the engine on the stand when there is no engine there. I’ve taken to a ziplock baggie and duct tape. Those baggies look pretty bad after the years. And sometimes a dork shop-helper will just tear the bag or poke a hole in it, which makes me find a new helper.

    But the only time I use a cradle versus a stand is when the engine will be long term out of the engine. Usually engine bay restorations, rewirings, or similar non-engine related work. Given the small size of my shop, I’ve had quite a few engines on a dolly, covered with a tarp, and rolled outside the garage every morning so that I have room to walk around the car.

    They also make interesting “skate boards” for the kids when there is no engine on it.

  2. Ray Romero says:

    Just wondering if these will hold a 152 cuin International Scout engine?

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