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Make thin, precise, easy-to-follow lines with Tajima Tool’s Ink-Rite auto-rewind snap-line.  The fast-drying permanent ink resists smudging and won’t wash away — let’s see your chalk line live up to that.

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The Ink-Rite uses 0.6mm braided line to hold the ink.  It’ll auto-rewind up to 25′ of line, and if you use extensions you can manually rewind the line to retrieve an additional 40′.  Tajima Tool even designed the Ink-Rite to be user-serviceable, so you can replace the ink line yourself.

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It ships with a 3-1/2oz bottle of red quick-dry ink, instructions, and a tool for snap-line replacement.  Tajima Tool sells replacement ink in black, red, or white for wet conditions, and black, red, white, and blue for normal use.

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You can get the Ink-Rite auto-rewind snap-line for around $20 and a 6oz bottle of ink for $10.

Ink-Rite Snap-Line [Tajima Tool]
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4 Responses to Big Kids Get To Use Ink

  1. elmegil says:

    Generally speaking, I thought that chalk lines washing away was the POINT. What would you use this for?

  2. PutnamEco says:

    elmegil Says:
    What would you use this for?
    A chalk line is wider than an ink line, so you would use it for anything that you need a finer line than a chalk box leaves.
    I use mine for marking boards for ripping. Mine is made by KDS not Tajima.

    If your into historic woodworking tools, google sumi-tsubo, The Japanese made some really ornate ones.

  3. tooldork says:

    “so you would use it for anything that you need a finer line than a chalk box leaves.”

    Such as?

    My chalk line is 1mm wide, which is a lot smaller than the width of my thin kerf saw blade.

    Besides, chalk lines are generally not used for super exacting cuts.

  4. Bob TDG says:

    Neat… That might be handy for site layouts. Beats hair spraying over chalk lines. The Tajima lines are really nice!

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