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If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a “mud room,” you can remove your shoes and grime before entering the house proper. And if you don’t live in a house with a mud room, the chief cleaner of that house will bless you for shedding the mud from your shoes before coming inside.¬† This boot brush will help you do just that, and its great design doesn’t require you to bolt it down.

Just step on a horseshoe with the other foot, and clean away the mud. Birdwell’s boot cleaners come in two varieties: the Outlaw pictured above, and the Desperado, which replaces the bottom brush with a metal scraper.

Unfortunately, I can’t find pricing on it — you might have to call Birdwell directly.

Outlaw And Desperado Boot Brushes [Birdwell] (PDF page 81)


2 Responses to Boot Brush

  1. jeff says:

    That’s just screaming for a remake. 4 horse shoes, a small piece of plate steel, and 3 brushes.

  2. I went to instructables.com to post a link to my Homemade Boot Brush Instructable, and I found out it’s a featured Instructable! WooHoo!

    Check it out:

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